“Rewrite the Stars” by The Piano Guys

Check out this amazing violin/cello rendition of a popular song from the movie the Greatest Showman

Boomerang Trick Shots by Dude Perfect!!

The guys from Dude Perfect take boomerangs to the next level with some of the most amazing shots ever

Merrick Hanna Lip Sync of 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons

Amazing dance and lip sync by America’s Got Talent Star Merrick Hanna in this Lip Sync Battle Shorties

You Will Smile When you Meet this 5-Year-Old Geography Expert on Ellen

Nate is a preschooler whose love for geography, countries, flags, and more has really put him on the map!topic: laugh, humor

Denzel Washington Motivational Speech - "Fall Forward"

Wonderful message on the need to fail to succeed by actor Denzel Washington

Ever Seen Snow Kayaking?

In early spring, the Pyrenees still have a lot of snow, so this guy went for enjoying powder while waiting for the snow to melt into the rivers

Can you Survive Quicksand?

Learn about getting rescued when in quicksand via this National Geographic video

Amazing “The Greatest Showman” Medley by Anthem Lights

Official Anthem Lights “Greatest Showman” mashup including "This Is Me", "Never Enough", "A Million Dreams" & more

Inspiring Message from Will Smith on Failing Before You Succeed

Incredible moving message from actor Will Smith on the importance of failing

How do Boomerang’s Work?

Want to be smarter? The brains at SciShow will teach you how a Boomerang works

Flashmob Performance of Pirates of the Caribbean by Rhapsody Philharmonic

Watch this Vietnamese town square come alive when an orchestra shows ups

You’ll Smile When You See this Version of the Famous Marshmallow Experiment

The crew at Studio C will make you laugh with this new take on the famous Marshmallow experiment

“My Shoes” a Touching Short Story

A simple short story with a good life lesson

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