The Greatest Showman Medley by Lindsey Stirling

Wonderful violin cover of popular song from The Greatest Showman movie

Model Rocket Battle by Dude Perfect

Learn about model rockets from a whole different perspective

Merrick Hanna Lip Sync of 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons

Amazing dance and lip sync by America’s Got Talent Star Merrick Hanna in this Lip Sync Battle Shorties

Son of Fallen Deputy Tries to Buy His Dad's Squad Car

Incredible story of kindness — see what happens

Success - The Story Of The Young Man And The Guru

What does it take to succeed? Watch this to find out

Studio C’s Sketch “Prom Dress Gone Wrong” Will Make You Smile

Many can relate to prom and prom dresses in this classic Studio C skit

Alex Boyé and One Voice Children's Choir Peform "Let it Go"

Amazing rendition of "Let it Go" from Frozen peformed by the artist Alex Boye and an incredible children's choir

The President’s Day Song - George Washington to Donald Trump

Do you know all 45 Presidents of the U.S.? This song will help you remember!

Awesome “Something Just Like This” Cover by the Gen Halilintar Family of 13

Check out this fun cover of “Something Just Like This” by this talented family

A Touching Tale of Two Lemonade Stands

A fun little story of losing and then once again finding perspective

The Most Important Life Lesson From The Founder of Alibaba, China’s Richest Man

China's richest man, Jack Ma, has lived a life full of rejection and tells his story in this motivational video

This Studio C Sketch Featuring “A Game of Horse” Will Make You Smile

Funny Studio C Sketch is a good reminder to keep your ego in check

How Animals See the World

Ever curious about the colors and the field of vision of animals? Get the answers in this Brightside video

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