About OK.com - Just the Good Stuff

What We Do

Welcome to the first alpha-version of a new OK.com. There is much more to come in the near future, so check back often.

At OK.com, our job is to brighten your day. We seek to find great content that will do so on social channels and from around the web and make that content easily accessible all in one place. We hope you smile, feel inspired, laugh (...and maybe even occasionally cry).

We know that there is a lot of great content out there created by incredible people. But, we also know it can be hard to find the good stuff amongst so much content that is negative, demeaning, ugly and hardly entertaining. At OK, we get up each day excited to find the diamonds in the rough and share them on OK.com.

Help Us Out

We are always on the lookout for great content that will brighten the lives of others. We are seeking content that makes people laugh, provides inspiration, shows how to do something interesting, showcases amazing talent, or is just plain fun (...or we dare say occasionally “cute”) and that is shareable is everyone. So, if you have something you’d like us to consider, please send it our way.

Please email suggestions to OKjustgood@gmail.com

Who We Are

OK.com is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our parent company also operates sites such as KSL.com, FamilyShare.com, Familias.com, DesNews.com, and others and also owns and operates numerous other media outlets across the US, including broadcast (television and radio), newspaper, and as well as other digital properties.

OK.com is led by Russell Banz (business and editorial operations) and Andrew Bunker (technology and engineering). Andrew and Russell teamed together in the original formation of KSL.com as well as many other successful digital ventures and are passionate about building an incredible and entertaining product for our users around the world on OK.com.