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DOGTOWN — Are you and your family members crazy about dogs? If so, here are three movies revolving around dogs that should be fun for the entire family.

Marley & Me

Often, when people talk about their favorite dog, they use words such as "obedient," "well-behaved" or "gentle." Then there are dogs that are lovable despite not resembling any of those descriptors. Such is the case with Marley — the dog who is lovingly called by his owner "the world's worst dog."

Marley eats anything and everything, cannot be potty trained and jumps on any and all visitors. But, more importantly, he is also loyal and full of love for his owners and life in general. If you have or had a dog that drove you crazy nearly as often as made you smile, "Marley & Me" may be right up your alley, but be forewarned that it has an ending that has been known to make grown men cry. says the film is appropriate for audiences 8 and up and received a 100 percent "Worth Your Time" rating.

The Sandlot

In "The Sandlot," the antagonist of the film is simply titled "The Beast." "The Beast" is (through the children's eyes) a gigantic dog who is rumored to have eaten burglars and anyone else who comes into his domain. When the kids lose a baseball signed by Babe Ruth in "The Beast's" territory, they are forced to create all sorts of elaborate schemes to get the valuable ball back from the meanest junkyard dog around.

"The Sandlot" has many memorable scenes with few topping the scenes of sheer mayhem and destruction brought about by "The Beast" as he thwarts almost all of the boys' best laid plans. Grab the family and enjoy watching "The Beast" do his thing. says the film is appropriate for audiences 8 and up and received a 100 percent "Worth Your Time" rating.


Throughout history, there have been numberless examples of heroic dogs who fearlessly protected and saved their owners and others. How aware of their heroism these dogs were is probably unknowable. In "Bolt," on the other hand, the title character is a dog well aware of his heroics.

The only problem is, Bolt has not actually done a real heroic thing in his life. All of Bolt's heroic deeds are merely plots in a television show. Trying to get the best performance from the canine hero, the producers have deceived Bolt into believing he does in fact have super powers. When Bolt mistakenly believes his owner has been kidnapped, he sets out on an adventure to find her and also happens to find true bravery deep within. "Bolt" is fun for the whole family and has good messages about the importance of relationships. says the film is appropriate for audiences 6 and up and received an 86 percent "Worth Your Time" rating.

What's your favorite family film revolving around a dog?

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