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Whether you are a Robert Altman fan or not, one must agree this movie is perfect. With a genius Oscar-winning script and a superb eclectic cast, Altman has made a rare film full of mystery, comedy, deep drama, and powerful emotion. It's quite possibly the wittiest movie I have ever seen and one of my top ten favorites of all-time. Each character (and there are many, as Altman films go) are deeply realized & brilliantly performed. Maggie Smith is a delight as the gossipy old socialite and Helen Mirren was robbed an Oscar as the stodgy head of staff with layers & layers of secrets peeled back through the film. The most interesting thing about "Gosford Park" is the way it shows the differences between the upper class & servants; how the lower class are, in a way, the more formal & smart of the two. The film has an odd absorbing energy that holds the viewer still, waiting in suspense, guessing to the glorious end. It's such a complex story told in such a simple way: guests arrive, guests go home. Lives are changed. Pure genius and an absolute gem from movie heaven. Altman's masterpiece in my opinion.
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