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Pulp Fiction is a very original, well-written, and well-made movie. It is certainly deserving of the many accolades it has received and the acting is brilliant. The movie is broken up into several shorter stories that all bring the characters from other stories into them in some way or another - brilliantly assembled. That said, it pushes the limits of R-rated content. This movie is not OK for anyone under 18 in my opinion, and anyone over 18 should use caution. The F-word is used probably well over 200 times in this movie, not to mention other swear words, racial slurs or other mature dialogue. Drug talk and drug use are rampant in the movie, as is violence. You will see people being shot, hit by cars, stabbed by swords, overdose on drugs, and there is ample blood in several of the stories. Sexual content includes talk of oral sex (not shown), and a scene with homosexual kidnappers (it is pretty clear clear what is going on but no private parts are shown). After all that, you're probably wondering why in the world I would rate this highly. Based on just the inappropriate content I would say avoid this movie. It's just that the story, the characters, the situations they get themselves into, the way their paths intertwine and some very smart and witty banter make this a very entertaining, funny, and good movie. That for me, is the conflict - do the excellent aspects of this movie outweigh the bad? I would recommend waiting for this to come on TV in an edited form - you'll still get the gist of the story and see many of the bits that make it great. I've concluded that is the only way I will watch this show from now on.
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