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I really liked this movie. superb animation and Sound FX. The problem I had with it was the message that Big corporate America would get out of hand like it did, causing the ecological annihilation of the planet. The big problem with this scenario is money. There is no money in destroying the planet. I'm sorry but it is unrealistic to think that a corporation wouldn't change its course once it realized its current one wasn't viable financially. They create all this fantastic technology, why wouldn't they create technology to solve the garbage/pollution problem? I think it a bit hypocritical that they have a shameless plugger for a big corporation (Apple) in the Re-boot noise of Wall-E. Whats with humanity just hanging out on a ship in space for 700 years. You would think they would eventually get curious about whats out there, maybe colonize a new planet? I gave this a high G, because of some intense sequences having to do with explosions, and Wall-E getting crushed. Lots of Robot torture in this. Despite all this it is a fun movie and very entertaining.
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