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I want to be THOR. And it is pretty uplifting! Spiritual analogies: Ignore his attitude at the beginning, and you have a lot of parallels... I really hope other people caught a few of these. 1 A man is sent to earth, 2 He is made mortal (previously immortal or a god), 3 He is walks as a stranger among men, 4 He must be Worthy to wield power, (Your family surname is awesome) 5 He has three primary fellow warrior/helpers, 6 But he walks not among his own, 7 He "cleanses the temple" by attacking the compound, 8 He teaches Jane about things beyond the earth, the World's Tree, Yggdrasil (VIG-druh-sill), Asgard, and hooble telescope images, it is like she is the Samaritan woman at the well. OK, AND... 9 He gives his life, sacrificing himself to SAVE others, saying "You're safe. It's over" sounds very scriptural and much like "It is finished." 10 Then this same man is brought BACK TO LIFE, 11 He kills the destroyer, stopping the work of death, 12 He returns to his father and to his cosmic/celestial/heavenly home, finishing the story by also saving a whole race. and the long heard and beard just topped it off... =] And someone pointed out to me recently that the evil brother fell from heaven, saying he could have saved everyone... It could be my number 13, appropriately unlucky since it relates to Satan! Carpenters also use hammers. Thor uses a hammer.
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