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In Britain the rating was dropped after an appeal from 15 to 12A with a tag that it Contains some strong language in a Speech Therapy Context. This is the best movie of 2010 and will win several Oscars. There are two scenes that each involve very brief string of F words as part of his therapy. THe rest of the movie is G or PG. This movie has many great messages about friendship and overcoming challenges. It has drama but at the same time some very funny moments - especially the banter between Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Too many people are far too concerned about their kids hear a word more than they are about other things that would be far worse for them to see. I have seen this film twice and would be up for seeing it at least 2 more times as well. I will be cheering at the Oscars and this will probably be a day 1 purchase when it is released on video in April. I hope everyone sees this movie. Don't be scared by the rating - the rating system is messed up(hence this website) - if not, why then does this get an R and Little Fockers gets PG-13 for sexual content that is much more adult and not appropriate for a 13 year old - if anything the ratings of the two should be swapped. See this film!!!!
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