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I really liked this one! I watched it with my GF and she liked it more than I did, and she doesn't usually like these kinds of movies! I even got it for her birthday last year, she does like movies with strong female leads. Then I heard some movie critics talk about it. Usually I don't let critics sway my opinion, but after thinking about it, I really couldn't defend it at all!! The various "stories" in the movie are so fun to watch, and the graphics are so well done that I didn't really notice that there wasn't much of a story. It was almost like watching someone else playing the most expensive video game ever made! really cool to watch, but that was about it! If they cut this movie down into 5 or 6 mini movies and you watched it on YouTube it would be brilliant!! but, strung together in one sold movie makes it hard to defend. That said, I am going to watch it a few more times in the near future!! ;-)
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