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This film is about a little blue macaw named Blue (very creative) that is kidnapped by bird traffickers before he ever learns how to fly. He ends up in Minnesota raised by a very doting human. When a bird expert shows up claiming that he is the last male blue macaw in the world they're all off to Rio de Janeiro to save the species. After they get to Brazil those pesky bird traffickers (which apparently abound in Brazil) get the bird again, and his new female friend. They escape, run into a bunch of colorful animals, and learn to like each other. All the while they are being pursued by a hilarious evil cockatoo. He is by far the best character in this film. When he gets to sing his villain song it is the highlight of the movie. What does it say about a film when my favorite character is the bad guy? There are a couple moments of laughter, but it is not as good as most of the other computer animated films that have come out recently. I don't know whether to rate it worth seeing or not. It was really just okay. I'm not sorry I watched it, but I probably won't watch it again.
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