Clinnell's Review of Moneyball

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ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

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Fantastic movie! If you watch this movie and expect to see a lot of baseball action, you ain't going to get it. It is more of the behind the scenes operations of a baseball team.. This true story is centered around the general manager Billy Bean of the Oakland A's and how he changed how put together a great team on a small budget by thinking differently. Jonah Hill plays his sidekick in all of it and does a fantastic job, it was more of a serious role for him that showed his acting chops. The movie is very dialogue driven and it is great. The same guy that wrote "The Social Network" also worked on this film. In my opinion this was Brad Pitt's best acting he has ever done. Just a great movie, with a great script, actors and director. Even if you do not like baseball you will enjoy this. The language in this movie is kind of weird. There isn't a lot but when they do curse they use really strong curse words. Other than the language it was a pretty clean movie. Worth seeing and as one of the best baseball movies ever made.
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