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If you have not read the books ( as I have not ), it is important that, before you go into the movie, you ask around and learn a little bit about the setting of The Hunger Games. There is really not a lot of introductory exposition, so for those unfamiliar with the setup the movie may seem a little vague and disjointed. I am lucky enough to know several people who read the books and were able to set me up with introductory information, which helped a lot. If one wanted to nit-pick the film, they certainly could. Katniss is entirely too old for her role ... as are Peeta, Gale, Kato, and several others in the movie. The film concentrates a bit too much on the games and the training and not enough on the important storyline of an oppressive tyrannical government separating and controlling their citizens while living in luxury. During the games, one doesn't get any sense of danger or tension as the characters seem to walk nonchalantly through the forest with no care of exposure or fear of traps or hunters. If one wanted to really analyze it, in the end the movie is entirely too casual and shallow and really misses what it could have been. All of that said, however, it really is still an enjoyable watch. I enjoyed the costuming, the general storyline, and the concept. Watching the movie has peeked my interest enough that I am going to now read the book series. So in the end I would say that despite all of the misses on the potential of the movie to be truly epic and amazing, it does still come off as a casually enjoyable flick worth at least a Netflix or Redbox viewing. Values-wise, the only real worry in the movie is violence. There are a couple of brutal killings, though the movie is careful to minimize the blood and gore. The target audience of the movie is young teenagers and I would not feel uncomfortable sharing this movie with such an audience.
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