Ken's Review of 17 Miracles

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ages 8+ | Worth Your Time

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This movie will not win any awards for acting, plot, special effects, or cinematography. It's a very simplistic movie made with the sole purpose of providing cleansed, inspiring anecdotes to an audience that is already quite familiar with the true stories it represents. The script is quite weak in every way except for the (thankfully significant) parts of the movie where narration is taken directly from the journals of actual handcart travelers and recountings of actual events. I was very concerned with the director's choice to promote 'blind faith' over 'faith after doing all that is possible to make the right decision' and with the choice in the movie to essentially poke fun at little people by bringing one along as childish comic relief. All of that said, the later half of the movie was largely comprised of journal entries and very little 'creative input' from the film maker ... and therefore ended up being somewhat inspiring and allowed me to leave the theater feeling at least moderately uplifted. For that reason I label the movie worth your time ... but have to say the movie could have been much improved if it was taken in a more serious and less "primary kid" simplistic vein.
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