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For some reason I think me and Anne Hathaway could be friend. Now, this isn’t the same level as I think Jennifer Lawrence (or J.Law as I call her when we’re partying in her limo) and I could be friends because let’s be real, we would be best friends. Let me set you up for what lead to my Friday night. On Thursday my roommate was watching Batman Begins. Of course I started to think about the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises and about everything that had happened when I saw it and what I thought about it. I remember being so impressed with Anne Hathaway’s performance and realizing that this wasn’t Princess Mia from Genovia anymore. Hathaway had arrived and I knew that her career could only get better from there. I was right, and was enthralled with her role as Fantine in Les Miserables. Back to Friday, after getting food from the Taco Bus, bribing our way out of a service activity, watching our family home evening brother open his mission call and dancing off some of the calories we had eaten that night, my apartment pushed the couches together and turned on The Dark Knight Rises. It was fun to watch this with them because I liked watching their reactions to all the plot twists and the action. All of the acting was incredible, especially from some of the smaller roles like Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon Leavitt and of course Anne Hathaway. The ending to this movie was the best way to end a movie series; Bruce Wayne finally has closure. It does leave an opening for another movie to be made, but the audience knows that the door to one Batman has closed. I felt that Tom Hardy was a good follow up for Joker. Obviously, no one will be a better villain than Heath Ledger as the Joker; but for Bane, Tom Hardy was a good fit. The first thing my friend said when he saw Bane was, “Wow he got big!” It’s true, Hardy jacked up for this role but what’s really important is that even with a face mask on, he was still good at acting. As an actor I know I would rely on facial expressions to help but Hardy didn’t have that luxury. Sure, his voice sounds weird, it feels like it was dubbed over in post work but you’ll get over that. I rate this as a see it now movie and as far as children are concerned, 13 and over is a good age. There isn’t a lot of cursing the only concern would be the violence so make sure your kids will be able to handle it. For more reviews like this visit
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