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What does an apartment full of girls do on a Friday night? Watch a movie of course. After loading up on food to make a late night dinner, we stopped at the local Redbox and picked up Total Recall. I had seen the previews for it over the summer and had always wanted to see it. It was easy to convince my roommates to get it because: A) One of my roommates is on an action movie kick since we saw Red Dawn and B) my other roommate was sick of standing there. Total Recall is a remake of the original Total Recall. The movie is about a man named Doug Quaid who learns he is a spy after going to Rekall to get fake memories. Rekall can’t give you memories that contradict with a person’s real life. Doug is picked up by Melina, who is a member of the resistance. Doug sets off to learn who he really is and what he really wants to do about the resistance. I never saw the original but, benefit of the doubt, I hope it was better than the remake. First the good stuff. Total Recall is a combination of The Bourne Identity and I Robot. It’s full of action and is locked in at high speed from about twenty minutes in all the way to the end. Collin Farrell and Jessica Biel were incredible action stars and don’t even get me started on how awesome Kate Beckinsale was. She did this thing where she slid across a countertop and hooked Farrell around the neck with her knees. Once you see it you’ll probably want to duplicate it…or at least, if you’re a college kid with roommates who encourage all your ideas, you’ll want to do it. Now, the not so good. The movie itself was a little hard to follow. Not because the whole time you’re watching you’re mentally preparing for an Inception-esque ending, but because there seem to be missing pieces in the shooting of the film. For example, in one scene it’s hard to follow how Doug gets from the Colony to the United Federation of Britain. Total Recall’s storyline is a little lacking where things aren’t explained entirely. Once Doug starts putting his life back together and realizing who he really is, the key players aren’t explained. Again, missing pieces but you can build bridges and get over it. Overall, I give this movie a three out of five. The movie was entertaining and a good one to just watch when you want to watch something. It’s definitely on the higher end of a PG-13 rating though so I would steer clear of watching this with anyone under fifteen. There are a lot of curse words and a sketchy scene when Doug is on his way to Rekall. If you have a free night and you’re looking for something to do consider this movie it might be just the thing you’re looking for. It could also be the beginning of realizing that you too, would love to have fake spy memories planted in your brain. See for more reviews.
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