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Bad news first: this film has no story. Not a shred. And Hulk’s character doesn’t make sense. He acts one way in one part of the film and a completely different way at the end. And there’s no explanation for it. Those are the only flaws in an otherwise excellent summer blockbuster. Turns out, you don’t really have to have a story when the interchange between your characters is so dang good. Joss Whedon is a good director and a phenomenal writer. The dialogue he writes is so good! The best part of this film was just listening to the characters talk to each other! There’s also some great action and a ton of humor. It’s just so much fun to see all these superheroes on the screen together. I liked it significantly more than any of the films with these characters in them that preceded it. Oh, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner? He’s awesome! Way better than the other guys. And Hulk is my favorite part of this film, despite the aforementioned inconsistency. It's PG-13 for superhero violence, which is bloodless. I didn't notice much language and there is no sexual content.
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