Vanessa's Review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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I had no desire to watch any of these movies after the first one because the cheesiness and drawn out affection makes me really uncomfortable, but as chance would have it, somehow I ended up with premiere tickets every time a new one came out and who would pass up free premiere tickets? Anyway, I really hated part one and vowed to never watch another one again, but a year can dim the memory I guess because I went to see part two and I actually liked it. I could have done without the sex scene, but Bella was finally not just an annoying girl anymore, I liked the battle scene, I liked the other characters they brought in, I really liked the actors that played Reneesme (though I don't care for the name) and Edward was actually funny in it and not constantly looking like he was in tortured pain. All in all I had a good time watching this and in my opinion it was the best out of all of them.
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