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Within less than 10 minutes you are thrust into a movie full of almost non-stop action, and boy, is it a fun thrill ride!!! Unfortunately that's about all it is. There is no character development. A handful of swearing and a large amount of zombie attacks with a decent amount of intense moments. We also get some good thrills, but that's all this movie pretty much amounts to. The ending is somewhat anti-climactic. I expected some huge plot to get away from the zombies, or destroy them, but we get a soft ending with some not-so-subtle product placement; not something I expected and was disappointed with the almost awkward ending. I also found that unfortunately the best part of the movie are all in the trailer. In other words you got to the parts in the trailer and you knew what to expect and really that's all you get. The movie holds no additional content that is not in the trailer to look forward to. That was also disappointing. If I had to score this movie solely on the action it would get 3.5/4 stars. Sadly the other lacking qualities in the movie drag this movie down to 2.75/4 stars for me. If you want a popcorn movie that delivers action, and nothing else, this is your movie.
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