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First of all let me say I don't get the whole zombie obsession. If I want to watch a bunch of brainless, dead-like people that don't do anything for society, I'll go to a skateboard park and see it first hand! Just a few short years ago it was vampires and now it's morphed into zombie-mania. I don't think I've ever seen an actual zombie movie in my life, I don't watch Walking Dead, I've never seen Shawn of the Dead, didn't see Warm get the point! When I first heard that this movie was coming out I just rolled my eyes and didn't think anything else about it...then the trailer came out. Yeah I was hooked! Saw WWZ in 3D last night and lets just say I was pretty excited about seeing this movie. After watching the movie, and letting it stew around in my brain for the night, I've decided that this movie is a tale of two budgets. The first half of the movie is your typical Hollywood blockbuster. What you saw in the trailer was mostly in the first half of the movie. The second half of the movie was more of a low budget movie that could've been released in February where there is no competition and expectations are much lower. I did find out that this movie was supposed to be released last year in 2012 but they had to do major re-shoots. The problem with this movie is that it lacks character development. We know that Brad Pitt is a father and used to work for the U.N. as an inspector. He has a loving wife and 2 children. Within about 10 minutes into the show you are thrust into the apocalypse and the movie goes from there. It was hard to feel for the characters because of the lack of character development. Brad Pitt's character, Gerry, is forced back into his old job by the Secretary of the U.N, as it's up to him to save the world, while his family sits on a ship waiting to see if he will come back alive. Even the parts of the movie where the zombies are attacking people and climbing up walls and bringing down helicopters, etc it just lacked the "coolness effect" because we saw that all on the trailer many times so it was one of those, "yeah okay, saw that already" moments. Another aspect that I didn't like was there were several instances where it was hard to hear what was being said. I found myself straining to hear the dialogue at times. Also, aren't zombies supposed to walk around really slow? Not in this movie! What is good about this movie is the acting and the intensity. Brad Pitt does a pretty good job playing this role, he's the lead and carries it well. The intensity was almost non-stop, at least for me. In fact there was at least one scene where I almost jumped out of my chair. Yes, this is one of those movies where you don't know when or where something is going to jump out which keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Even though the second half of the movie slows down quite a bit I was still interested, but I must say I wish the ending was different. I won't give away any spoilers but it just kind of...ended. I did like how the director didn't show much blood or killings, which either happened off screen or in such a massive scale there wasn't any one person to really focus on. Sometimes the zombies were kind of comical in the way that they acted, even though I don't think it was meant to be funny. All in all it was a good movie but not a great movie. I'm not going to go out and buy a "Zombie Apocalypse First Response Team" t-shirt. This movie would be for 16yrs old and older due to the intensity and dark tone. Typical PG-13 language that you would expect. No sexual content of any kind. 2.75 out of 4 stars.
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