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This is a real eye-opener, and a must watch for those who are currently in school. I currently am, and I have to say this has really changed how I see things. We've all noticed those kids wandering around during lunch with no one to talk to, but we very rarely pay any attention to it or decide to give them company. For some reason I have always though that maybe they are used to it, or maybe they don't really mind. This documentary reveals that that isn't true at all. The film shows many types of victims that I think we have all seen, and how greatly the bullying has affected their lives, and their family's. I feel that this would be a very good documentary to show to anyone who is currently in school, so they can better spot out these people who need help, and know how much damage simply not talking to someone can cause. Warning: I watched it on Netflix, and it says PG-13 but it still manages to fit in 4 F-words, all of which happen in about 20 seconds, so it is easy to mute or skip. It is very straight up and truthful with the problems happening today, which I felt was needed to really get at the audience. Definitely worth the 95 minute run time. Although though it is very rough, I think this one would be good for parents to show to their kids.
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