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LOVED this movie. I had thought it was mostly going to be about shipwreck survival, but there is a lot of pleasant drama for half of the movie. It is creative and unique, a good portrayal of the world at large, and the cinematography was fantastic. I rated o.k. for ages 10+ years: the tiger pulls a goat through his cage bars; later a hyena kills a couple of animals and is then killed by the tiger, as all are aboard the same lifeboat; and the shipwreck is pretty intense in which it is not shown, but apparent that all of Pi's family has died. LeslieSumner I am going to rebut your review. In this two hour long movie, about one minute mentions cannibalism. Not only is it hardly mentioned, but didn't even occur (according to my interpretation of the story). Pi lies that cannibalism happened because his story was not believed. Perhaps you should argue about the immorality of Pi's lying in order to appease insurance adjusters.
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