Chris's Review of Iron Man 3

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Very surprised by these reviews. I don't think you can go into these movies without doing your research and reading some comice books or even using WIKI to get the backstory on the Mandarin and his rings and how his powers work. Same with Iron Man being a "Detective" in this movie. If you don't know anything about the back story of the two main characters of course it will come off as boring and all build up. I was very impressed and fascinated by every minute of this movie great action great humor and one of the best battles ever at the end. The great thing about the movie is they actually stayed true to the comics and got back to the roots of what made these characters so unique and intriguing. This is a must watch if you are even somewhat intrigued by the roots of the iron man character and the Mandarin. Do some research if you must or just have a imagination.
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