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What pretty much happened with this film is Director Nolan made an attempt to apply all the story-telling techniques of the batman series and applied them to Superman. I really found this film to be a mixed bag. On the one hand the story telling is meticulous and thought out in a really good way. Superman's personal history is tied into the narrative in a more solid and clear way than ever before. When they say this is a re-boot, they meant it. Many many deviations have been made form the original film series and the comic books to create a unique story of how an alien came to be, and live on earth. On the other hand I found the overall plot to be a little on the depressing side. A massive part of the plot has to do with the downfall of Superman's people. It could have been the sound system in the theater, but I found this film to be very loud and grating as the super people smash and destroy constantly through the second half of the movie. Overall I think you could probably wait to see this on video. I give this a high PG-13 for violence, 2 derogatory references to male anatomy and some disturbing imagery.
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