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This film tried very hard to distance itself from XMen Origins: Wolverine, and did a good job with that. It focussed more on the actions and consequences of what Logan did at the end of X-Men: Last Stand. Logan is off hiding and has vowed to not be the Wolverine any longer to save from hurting anyone else and thereby himself as well. That all changes when he's brought to Japan to be thanked by someone from his (long ago) past. From then on the pace picks up and the action is mostly nonstop. We see the Wolverine go into full-on berserker mode against some of the most powerful and interesting adversaries he's seen on film yet. I still find that this film could have been better, it would have been nice to see at least a couple more familiar faces in it. There is a mid-credits teaser scene that is almost worth the price of a matinee admission. After that scene you're free to go to the little girls or boy room and drain your bladder. See you next year for the review of X-Men: Days of Future Past!
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