Bob's Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

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Catching Fire tells a compelling story by jumping right into the meat of second installment of original book series. We instantly experience the problems that the Capitol is facing contrasted by those that the districts are facing. I appreciate the fact that this movie does not glamorize death in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it allows the audience to really experience the emotion behind the story and the disgust of many of the characters involved. When compared to the Hunger Games The cinematography is better, the storytelling is better, and the overall emotional investment is enhanced. There are several parts in the movie where you'll see people getting beat up for their actions. The Capitol is ruthless but the movie does a great job at not giving the audience gross or overly violent scenes. The violence is inferred and you know the final result of it, but the filmmakers don't make you watch vivid imagery of it all. Hence the reason I believe a 14 year old could handle this film. Parents should know Although the profanity is limited, the violence is still heavy and there are two bleeped out f-words. The bleeps are a nice gesture to cover up the words but I still filled them in clearly and so will you. Also, parents may want to know that there are several religious profanities in this one. Mainly common expressions involving God's name. Despite some of the mature content and concern for young children, this movie shows the effects of a totalitarian government and plays a great role in helping one to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy.
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