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I love a good heist movie, and I enjoy the occasional magician movie as well, but I left this movie (which tries to combine the two) very disappointed. The cast list is amazing. But although Woody Harrelson stole most of the scenes he was in, generally the cast couldn't overcome the basic plot of the movie. The writers were trying to be way too clever for their own good. All the characters were playing their cards close to the vest, masking their true intentions to such an extent, that I (as a viewer) had little sense of who to root for. Everybody seemed about equally likeable and equally bland, with the exception of a few one-dimensional baddies not even central to the plot. The romantic chemistry between two leads, supposedly a key plot point, was simply absent. Consequently when the prestige is ultimately revealed at the end of the film -- when the plot finally becomes clear -- I just didn't care by that point. I was bored. I've been trying to find a good reason to recommend this film, but I can't do it. Sorry.
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