tommy5c's Review of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

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Only Peter Jackson can take one book and taffy pull it into 3 movies. The second installment is very similar to the first movie. It has scenes of our heroic group running across fields in impending danger inter-cut with set locations that as Peter Jacksons' movies continue become more predictable over time. If you want an escape and can sit through the 2.5 hours with joy this movie is fantastic. With scenes like a dwarf water ride that is as funny as it is exciting, and an opportunity to finally see the dragon. On the other hand if you are a Hobbit purest you may want to skip it. The Dwarf - Elf hinted romance is too much for many. I myself thought it was good not great, it was special effects and a fun story. I enjoyed it, but could have waited until it hit the cheap seats.
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