Jim's Review of Star Trek Into Darkness

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I liked this movie. I didn't like the first Star Trek because it was formulaic, predictable, and lacked some magic. JJ Abrams seems to have everything figured out with "Into Darkness." The performances from all actors, especially Benedict Cumberbatch, were incredible. The effects were top notch. The pacing was intense. 2 things really bothered me. The first is a very old problem that bothers me everytime I watch a Star Trek movie. Never, ever, send your highly trained senior leadership as an away team to do grunt work. That's what space marines are for. There is no reason at all to send a captain of a ship who is one of maybe 3 people capable of running the place out to do an assassination mission that requires a jump through space from one ship to another. That's a job for a green beret or something. The second thing that bothered me (and maybe I'm a prude here) is that the gratuitous shot of a woman in her underwear as well as a short scene with Captain Kirk in bed with 2 cat-ladies struck me as weird and degrading. There was no reason to put those shots in the movie as they could have easily been implied without being graphic. Otherwise, bravo! Good movie.
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