Back-Row-Pete's Review of Thor: The Dark World

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ages 12+ | Worth Your Time

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Some of our adult children recommended this to us. So we picked it up on DVD from Redbox and enjoyed it on our own "big screen" in the basement. It helped that we'd seen the previous Thor film. The characters and their interaction were more meaningful that way. It was based on a comic book, after all. So you have to take the story line and "science" of it all with a grain of salt. But it was very entertaining. The special effects were great. I was curious about how/where the scenes of a desolate planet were filmed, and looked through the credits. It seems that was done in Iceland! But even if your not interested by that, fast forward into the credits and watch for the additional scenes. There's also a delightful Pixar short in the bonus features of the DVD.
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