Clinnell's Review of The Internship

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I had some pretty low expectations for this film so maybe that is why I ended up enjoying it. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are turning out to be a pretty good comedy duo and play well off each other. When they filmed this movie they actually filmed it to be an R-rated comedy but the studio wanted to go with PG-13. There are is a lot of things in this movie not appropriate for the young teenagers. The dumbest part of the movie and a scene that goes on way too long is a scene in a strip club. If they cut that scene out it wouldn't be so bad. There is also a lot of language and innuendos in this film. Overall, there was enough laughs for me to be entertained. It was interesting to get a little view about how working for Google would be like. There was just some dumb stuff and scenes they had in there that made it be just an average film instead of a great comedy.
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