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Being a Darren Aronofsky film I was going into this movie knowing it was going to be bizarre and different. Well is was even more bizarre and different than I would have imagined. I am not going to say I totally hated this film, there were a few things that were pretty good, like it being visually different and stunning. Overall the rest of it just did not work well for me. The movie took a lot of creative liberty as they had to cause Noah is told in a bout 2500 words in the Old Testament. I feel like I was watching a "Lord of the Rings" type movie during it. It has some funky stuff to it, stuff i won't spoil for those who want to see it. If your curious and really want to see ti I would wait till DVD. If your going in to this movie thinking it is going to be a great religious film informing you about Noah you are wrong. It is a not a kids movie and has some violence and some adult content. Overall it was just too bizarre and out there for me to like.
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