SULLIVAN-9910's Review of Lee Daniels' The Butler

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I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It was quite long, but the movie was covering a number of years that we had to understand in order to appreciate the movie and its characters. I thought that Forest Whitaker had an Oscar worthy performance. The other roles were well played also. As a white person, I was ashamed at how the blacks were treated. Much of this was actually during my era. I was born in 1939, and graduated from High School in 1957, while much of the violence was going on. Although I as raised in Idaho. One of the great lessons that struck home in the movie was the fact that the freedom riders were laying it all on the line. Reality was that they could get killed, or at least seriously injured doing what they were doing. They weren't trouble makers, but they were crusaders for the cause of equality. I guess that when I was growing up, that didn't really sink in. The movie is definitely worth seeing!
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