Clinnell's Review of The Monuments Men

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This was a tough one to decide if it is worth your time or not. I eventually said it was though. Lets start with what was good in the film. The best part of the film was the the story itself. It is an interesting story that I had really no clue that never happened. I like they way the movie was filmed, it felt like a throwback to the old films like the "Great Escape." The cast was was great to but that leads me into what was wrong with the film. With such a great cast I expected more. I feel like Bill Murray and John Goodman were very under utilized in the film. I wonder if the cast wasn't so great that I wouldn't of had such high expectations for the film. The script I feel was not the greatest either. I feel like the dialogue was cheesy and there wasn't enough character development to care about these men. Clooney has proven he is a great director but one thing he has not proven is that he can star/write and direct a film at the same time. The pacing just seemed a little off in this movie. Overall though it was worth a watch once but probably don't spend full ticket price for it. The movie does have some swearing in it and a ton of people smoking which is one of the reasons it is rated PG-13.
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