Clinnell's Review of RoboCop

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I didn't hate this movie but I didn't like it either. For the most part I think the bad outweighed the good. So lets start with the bad. The dialogue was cheesy at points and the plot was predictable. I feel like there was a lot of plot holes and they did not develop the characters well enough. The action at times was confusing and just too much going on. I did not like Joel Kinnaman as Robocop, he wasn't bad but he was overshadowed big time by Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton. They also never really established the bad guys enough. The things I did like was the pacing was good and that is what kept you entertained I felt. It made you also think about how far science and technology will advance in the future. The CGI was pretty incredible and all the stuff you want in a big budget film like explosions and crazy actions scenes were there. There is a ton of violence in the film as well as some language, definitely not a kids film. I would wait for it to be on DVD to watch it. I think there will be a market for this movie, especially overseas.
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