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The Story The story is anything but original and it also has some massive plot holes. The filmmakers tried to patch up the plot holes with a line of dialogue here and there, but the story was all over the map and very predictable. Your head turns into a GPS navigator telling you what is going to happen next. I understand that the movie was made around the idea of fast cars and chases but they missed an opportunity to bring something fresh or new to the table. The Acting This is the first leading role in a movie for "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul. Not that he is bad in this movie, but he wasn’t memorable either. Paul, to his credit, did not receive much help from the supporting cast. The two other power players in the movies are Dominic Cooper and Michael Keaton. Both of these actors seemed rather un-thrilled to be in the movie. Dakota Johnson, whose star is quickly rising, is also in the film and her character is never utilized or developed. For a movie with big name actors, none of them stood out. One Dimensional The only thing “Need for Speed” has going for it is the cars, and truth be told it is probably all they really need to make money. There are tons of car chases involving rare and expensive cars, but outside of that the movie doesn't offer much more. The filmmakers tried to add other things to the movie like romance and comedy, but neither landed. The comedy fell flat and the romance was void of interest or chemistry.
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