Jim's Review of Son of God

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Full disclosure - I didn't see the actually cinematic film. I saw the miniseries called "The Bible" which is like an extended version of the movie and is currently on Netflix. The movie has a few scenes that aren't in the TV series, but mostly is just a condensed adapted version for the big screen. My reaction to what I watched was very positive. It is faith-building and it's always interesting to see what we read in the scriptures represented in film. I liked the actor that played Jesus. He was charismatic and full of passion for his mission. Peter was also a role that was played very well and you could feel the anxiety and awe that Jesus's apostles must have felt as they carried out their ministry. I liked how the motives of Pilate, Judas, the pharisees, and sadducees were explored. It was a little jarring for me as a student of the King James version of the bible to hear familiar lines recited in modern language, but I actually ended up liking it. Although I believe the King James version is the most correct translation from the original biblical texts, the delivery of the lines in language that I am familiar with made me think of the dialogue in ways I hadn't thought about it before.
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