Clinnell's Review of Draft Day

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ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

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So when I say this is worth your time, I mean it is worth your time if you want a good redbox to rent someday that will hold your attention. Going into the movie I had low expectations because this movie looked like a poor mans version of "Moneyball" but just dealing with football. Well it turns out to be pretty much that. But there is enough in it though to keep you entertained. Like I said this movie is was just OK for me. If your are a die hard NFL fan and love the draft then you will enjoy this film. If you are a Cleveland Browns fan you will enjoy it even more. This film was originally rated R but won an appeal for PG-13 but it was obviously for language and this film has a lot of it. So wait till redbox in my opinion and I think you will entertained enough that you won't be mad you spent a $1.29 on it.
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