Pluggedin's Review of Begin Again

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Begin Again is a mostly secular redemption story, with some really easy to miss nods to a greater Writer. When we first meet them, Dan and Greta are broken beyond all hope of repair. But they, and their music, save each other. And while the film starts off looking pretty bleak, it transforms into a sweet, strangely compelling story about the power of family, love, artistic integrity and beautiful music (taking a few swipes at the music industry for good measure). The acting is pretty good. The songs are killer. And it's a cryin' shame there's so much profanity here. This is the sort of film I'd love to love. It's a movie I'd like to recommend to friends. But when I start developing a bad case of writer's cramp from checking off so many profanities, I know I'll never be able to do so... See Full Review
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