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As it turns out, "Little Man's" premise is stolen from a Bugs Bunny cartoon — 1954's "Baby Buggy Bunny." But that's the least of its offenses. At least the earlier cartoon had the sense to keep its length to less than 10 minutes. This moronic comedy runs roughly nine times longer than that, stretching out its crude gags and repeating them endlessly. But that's to be expected from films by the Wayans brothers, who collaborated on the first two installments in the "Scary Movie" series, as well as the even-more offensive 2004 hit "White Chicks." Marlon Wayans stars as the title character, a diminutive crook named Calvin, who steals and then misplaces a valuable diamond. The gem winds up in the purse of Vanessa (Kerry Washington), the wife of baby-hungry yuppie Darryl (Shawn Wayans). So to get it back, Calvin pretends to be an abandoned baby — and the kind-hearted couple immediately takes him in. It's not a very funny concept to begin with, and the Wayans seem more than willing to stoop as low as they can for a cheap laugh (as witnessed by an excruciating Rob Schneider cameo). And the use of digital effects to place Wayans' face on a child performer's body isn't even remotely amusing. It's simply creepy. "Little Man" is rated PG-13 for crude gags and jokes about sexual and other bodily functions (including scatological humor), supposed humorous violence (pratfalls, beatings and vehicular violence), scattered profanity, brief simulated sex and some brief drug content (references). Running time: 95 minutes. E-MAIL:
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