Gumpee's Review of The Peacemaker

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The peacemaker is a suspenseful action movie. First off I have to say that I almost turned it off in the brining because the first ten minutes are all in Russian and there are no subtitles. It would have been nice to know what the Russians were saying. When we finally got to English the movie took off. It is a bout a terrorist group who still some nuclear warheads. They plan to use them to blow up parts of the UN. George Clooney plays the part of a military personnel that stops this with the help and leader of Nicole Kidman. The end of the movie is suspenseful and has you on edge. He movie is pretty slow moving leading up to it. There are parts in the movie hat are a bit far fetched but over all it was good and worked for the story. I recommend this movie but beware that there is foul language, killing of innocent people and children. For a mature audience.
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