Gumpee's Review of The Secret

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ages 3+ | Worth Your Time

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This is not really a movie. It is more of a documentary. The secret is amazing and I have used the "law of attraction" Its all about how you think. If you have negative sad thoughts, you are going to attract negative and sad things into your life. The book is a great book as well. I recommend getting both. At first I was like, "this is a bunch of crap" But after trying it, before judging it, I realized the power of your mind. I highly highly highly recommend everyone to watch this. Especially people who are business minded and want to do better in life. It will help you control your mind and thoughts and overall be more successful with your life goals. I put a low maturity rating on this because I feel that if kids where taught to think this way from childhood, they could do amazing things! Its streaming on netflix and is just over an our long I think. Watch it and lets have a discussion. :)
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