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Alcohol lubricates nearly every social interaction depicted and leads characters to engage in reckless and illegal behaviour. In between the drinking binges, the ladies determine to sound all grown up by using dialogue laden with sexual expletives (over 35 – with a few used in a sexual context), along with many other crude and clinical terms for sex and anatomy. In fact, most of the discussions that occur in this script are confrontational, inebriated, and/or full of profane hyperbole. Actual sexual interludes are brief and non-detailed (with the exception of the nude woman seen on the computer screen). And considering the short amount of time that has passed since Amy’s separation, she’s quick to put a new partner in her bed. Bad Moms may be billed as a comedy, but it dives into some serious life and family issues. Although humor can be an effective way to explore deep topics, this screenplay tosses that opportunity away like an empty bottle on the side of the road. (Ironically, the best part of this film is a series of interviews in the credits where the real mothers of the cast members share touching and funny insights on being a mom.) Offering nothing except an unconvincing fairy tale finale, it feels like all this raunchy rant sets out to prove is that moms are capable of being just as bad as anyone else.
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