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Parents need to know that Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is a comedy based on the best-selling book by James Patterson. The story revolves around a rebellious middle schooler who breaks lots of school rules. Little kids might be upset by that, but tweens and young teens will realize that he's doing it for a valid reason: questioning rules just for the sake of having rules. While there's no violence, several pratfalls are played for laughs, and there are sad discussions about a dead family member. Expect a bunch of insults and almost-swear words like "what the...," "what rhymes with suck," and "frickin'," as well as "pissed off," "buttwipe," "doofus," "stupid," "crap," and more. There's also some light romance (including kissing and reference to a "hot" stepmom). But the movie also encourages honesty and communication between families and siblings and the importance of teachers who focus on students rather than test scores.
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