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What Works? Storks would be a rather forgettable movie if not for stellar voice acting. The film has assembled an impressive cast of celebrities which include the likes of Samberg, Grammer, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, all of whom attack their roles with sheer delight. Key and Peele in particular shine as the leaders of a spastic wolf pack who become smitten with a human baby, and it's a shame their characters didn't get more screen time. Storks further capitalizes by taking advantage of the natural humor surrounding newborn babies. One rather noteworthy scene depicts Tulip and Junior arguing over who will stay up with the fussy baby, an experience which will have most parents snorting with laughter. All things considered, Storks succeeds at being a fun, refreshing film, if not entirely coherent. What Doesn't? Sadly, despite the animated premise, Storks might not be the best movie for children. There's nothing scary, vulgar, or overtly sexual about the film, it's just that the tone is primed more for adults than it is for children. The dialogue, pace and story bounce off the walls like an over-caffeinated twelve year old, and it's hard to imagine any youngster sitting through the entire movie without a little restless squirming. Worst of all is Pigeon Toady (Stephen Kramer Glickman), a character set up to be the villain but who only succeeds in becoming so dull and obnoxious it's actually hard to watch.
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