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Max Steel is what would happen if the movies E.T. and Iron Man somehow had a baby. Based on two television shows and a Mattel toy of the same name, the film is just as lightweight as you'd imagine and, if possible, even worse than you might expect. Oh, I can hear you now, you movie-lovers, you. "Paul," you say, "just how bad can a movie with intelligent roving killer tornadoes be?" And it's true, when you put it like that, you'd expect this film would have some promise. But alas, Max Steel never really reaches a level of goodness to be truly entertaining, nor a level of badness to be unintentionally funny. For all the weather disasters and wisecracking aliens and other feats of CGI wizardry, the whole movie feels like kind of a slog. That said, from a Plugged In perspective, it could be worse. A lot worse. There's no sex to speak of, and the violence—despite a few presumed fatalities here and there—rarely reaches a fevered pitch. It offers some nice messages about family and the importance of communication. If you're going to sit through a nearly two-hour commercial for Max Steel action figures, you might as well have a positive message or two to glean, right?
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