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It will come as no surprise either that the greatest content concerns in this movie are the depictions of violence. It doesn’t seem to matter how sophisticated the superpowers are, the story still typically boils down to people being hit, thrown, punched and stabbed with a variety of weapons (supernatural and otherwise) and an occasional fist. More exotic offensive tactics include being cuffed or whipped by fire-like bands of energy (the sparkly stuff mentioned earlier), crushed by buildings that fold over each other like a pop-up book (reminiscent of the special effects in Inception), trapped in parallel universes and a character who gets bricked into a wall. These frequent physical altercations are enhanced with sound effects. As well there are some explicit depictions of surgical procedures and injuries that are accompanied by ample blood. Fortunately, the script offers some positive messages too, which may have some parents considering this action flick as a possible viewing choice for teens. While I have no idea what this protagonist’s comic book legacy reveals, within the confines of this movie Doctor Strange demonstrates desirable growth in the areas of sacrifice and service. These messages are reinforced with reminders of the benefits of looking outward and seeking to help others, rather than dwelling on narcissistic tendencies and self-preservation. Depending on your perspective, other elements of this film may or may not be appealing. For example, Dr. Palmer demonstrates love and forgiveness toward her friend, yet she could also be accused of enabling his bad behavior and allowing herself to be a target of his verbal abuse.
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