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Parents need to know that Pay it Forward is a 2000 movie in which Haley Joel Osment plays a 7th grade boy who, inspired by his social studies teacher, comes up with a way for people to practice random acts of kindness, which he hopes will lead to the world becoming a better place. This movie has frequent profanity, including one use of the "N" word, as well as a tween boy who calls one of his bullies "a fag." Many of the characters abuse alcohol and drugs, including heroin and marijuana. There are references to severe domestic abuse. There are some fights, one resulting in mortal injury. A character attempts suicide. Another shoots his gun, though no one is injured. A character dies tragically. References to a boy's mother sleeping around, especially when drunk. There's a scene in which a woman is on top of a man in bed, starting to take his shirt off. A character's burn scars may be upsetting. Teens may be especially concerned by the violence that occurs at a school, despite the metal-detectors kids walk through as they enter.
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