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Despite being marketed as a female youth drama (at our screening, the studio rep requested opinions specifically from the women in the audience), The Edge of Seventeen presents themes and lessons that are of equal importance to males and adults. These include the dangers of sexting, the silliness of believing you have to choose between two friends and the oft observed problem of single parents behaving like teenagers. In fact, if there’s a core message to this film, it is the need for parents to parent, rather than trying to be their children’s buddy. This is particularly evident as we observe Mona’s implied approval of having Krista regularly sleeping over in Darian’s bed. The teen sexual behavior, along with other scenes involving detailed sexual discussions, and frequent profanities (including about a dozen sexual expletives), may leave some parents convinced there is too much edge in this movie. Still, for families reeling from loss or other traumatic events, the script may provide emotional depictions that ring with sincerity.
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