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Sometimes you walk out of movies thinking, "Well, that wasn't what I was expecting at all." Sing is not one of those movies. Sing is exactly what you would expect if you've seen the trailer: a lighthearted and inspiring American Idol-style singing competition between animated, anthropomorphized animals. Just like that genre-defining show, each contestant here harbors dreams of singing, and each has the obligatory dramatic or hard-luck backstory. In the end, we're invited to root for them all. Like most animated flicks these days, there's a whisker of bathroom humor and a hair of suggestive material. Animal flatulence jokes will no doubt get the little ones giggling, even as Mom and Dad roll their eyes a bit. It's all in the service of that Disney-style ideal of following your heart. Keep dreaming, the movie says. Keep hoping. Never give up, and never give up on your friends. Parents, of course, know that there may be some instances where such starry-eyed counsel is unrealistic. But then again, this is a movie about singing animals, so we probably don't need to overthink that one. One area we might not think to think about, however, is the music and musicians represented here. While none of the featured songs are terribly problematic, they do come from a broad range of secular performers with other material that is, such as Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. And youngsters who imitatively Google the latter's lyric "oh my gosh, look at her butt," are in for decidedly not-so-innocent shock. Still, that's probably the biggest caveat for an otherwise fun film, one that inspires us to hold onto our dreams and that doesn't assault us with a theater-full of age-inappropriate material along the way.
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