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If you're familiar with the Assassin's Creed videogame franchise, you'll recognizing its DNA all over this movie. The parkour running and flipping—up ancient stone walls and over 15th-century rooftops—makes you feel like you ought to be sitting in your theater seat with a game controller in hand. Those acrobatic leaps and intricately choreographed sword battles all look very cool indeed. That doesn't make this a good movie, however. A-listers Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard certainly give it their all, but there's very little here to give their all to. Like the game, this violent story and its convoluted theological underpinnings are absolutely nonsensical. Most viewers will understand that the film is at least trying to say something about the idea of free will. And if they're really paying attention, some might even notice the story's flirtations with nihilism floating beneath its sci-fi glitz and its obvious anti-faith sneer. But even those insightful few will ultimately find this flick and its Catholicism-bashing story to be little more than an indecipherable philosophical mess. And a violent one, too. Between its tortured logic and its fatalistic view of religion, Assassin's Creed does little more than kill off a couple of hours that might have been better used.
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